Fondant Cakes

₹2,399.00 ₹1,919.20

K Cake

₹2,399.00 ₹1,919.20

J Cake

₹2,399.00 ₹1,919.20

I Cake

₹2,399.00 ₹1,919.20

H Cake

₹2,399.00 ₹1,919.20

G Cake

₹2,399.00 ₹1,919.20

F Cake

₹2,399.00 ₹1,919.20

E Cake

₹2,399.00 ₹1,919.20

D Cake

₹2,399.00 ₹1,919.20

C Cake

₹2,399.00 ₹1,919.20

B Cake

₹2,399.00 ₹1,919.20

A Cake

₹2,399.00 ₹1,919.20

Best Regards Cake

₹2,399.00 ₹1,919.20

Uttarayan Cake

₹2,399.00 ₹1,919.20

Minaret Cake

₹2,399.00 ₹1,919.20

Dussehra Cake

₹2,399.00 ₹1,919.20

Glowing Cake

₹2,399.00 ₹1,919.20

Dragonfly Cake

₹2,399.00 ₹1,919.20

Round Cake

₹2,399.00 ₹1,919.20

BB Cake

₹2,399.00 ₹1,919.20

Drum Cake

₹2,399.00 ₹1,919.20

Greens Fondant Cake

₹2,399.00 ₹1,919.20

Green Fondant Cake

₹2,399.00 ₹1,919.20

Greeny Fondant Cake

₹2,399.00 ₹1,919.20

Brownish Fondant Cake

₹2,399.00 ₹1,919.20

Pinkish Fondant Cake

₹2,399.00 ₹1,919.20

BW Fondant Cake

₹2,399.00 ₹1,919.20

Fondant Green

₹2,399.00 ₹1,919.20

Fondant Bake

₹4,399.00 ₹3,519.20

Corals Cake

₹4,399.00 ₹3,519.20

Baby Showers Cake

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Fondant Cake Features


Price Range

INR 3400 – 7900 (2 kg -5 Kg)


Vanila, Chocolate, Strawberry, Funfeti, Cheese, Velvet, Lemon, Banana, Coffe, etc.


All Types Modern / Traditional Design Ideas


Bakery Edible for Parties n Celebrations


Quality & Price Competitive


Prompt Service on customer's preferable terms


Top Generic Health Standards Bakery Food

Bakery Manufacturing

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You can choose form the unending number of images or give your own sample and we will prepare the cake of that shape and size for you. Fondant cakes delivery in any location.

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Reasonable Fondant Cake Price in India Bakery LuckOnLuck Online

The fondant cake prices in India are very marginal despite the only best quality fondant cupcakes that have been set in the market being on top of all others.

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Q. What does fondant mean?

A. Fondant meaning: Fondant is a soft creamy preparation of sugar, water and flavors, including gelatin and glycerine, that bakers use as a basis for candies, icings or cakes.


Q. What are fondant cakes?

A. Fondant cake meaning: Fondant cakes are cakes made up of fondant material ( soft creamy preparation of sugar, water and flavors, including gelatin and glycerine) for any occasions or purposes.


Non Fondant Cake

As there are fondant cakes there are also non fondant cakes which use other materials as ordinary cream. For Non Fondant Cakes Click Here>>


Some Fondant Cake Delivery Locations